Does Jules Manson Prove That the Tea Party Is Racist?

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The press has excitedly discovered the rantings of someone who just needs to be quiet—Mr. Jules Manson (formerly known as “Julio” and no relation to Charles), who was born in Mexico and came to the states legally. He ran for city council in California and received 4% of the vote. On January 3, Mr. Manson responded to a tweet by a young man who posted his New Year’s Resolution to kill the president. The response was to minimize the tweet: “We know for sure that he has no plans to execute or assist anyone in this endeavor.” Then he went on to say that this person was probably drinking, as it was New Year’s Eve. Once the author of the Daily Kos report discovered that Jules Manson was in the news recently for threatening the president and his family via a Facebook post, he was so excited that he had to get up and change his underwear. No joke. Is the “glee” apparent yet?

With regard to the reckless, racist and even criminal posting on Facebook, many articles, particularly the Huffington Post, referred to an alleged affiliation to the Tea Party. The article describes Manson as a “failed Tea Party candidate,” and calls him an “avid Ron Paul supporter and libertarian.” Surprised that such a character would be a “tea party leader” or “tea party darling” as he was referred to in several news articles and blogs, further probing found that Mr. Manson is in fact an atheist (not a typical characteristic of Tea Party participants, but in no way evidence that he is NOT a Tea Party member) who was recently banned from for his racist statements.

The senior editor of the website stated that he in fact spoke “derisively” of the Tea Party. The editor also said that “…unless he has changed in the last few months, the attempt to paint him as a Tea Party enthusiast is dishonest and short-sighted.” Since the editor had personal contact with Mr. Manson, and was not personally a Tea Party supporter (in fact, he said that he “despised” the Tea Party), according to, this development is pretty strong evidence against Jules being a Tea Party supporter, leader, activist, darling, whatever.

  • To associate Jules Manson to the Tea Party is not relevant to his racist rantings, which should not reflect on the Tea Party, atheists, Ron Paul supporters, baby boomers, trailer park dwellers, Mexicans or any other group. He alone is accountable for his statements.
  • There is an irony in condemning racism on one hand, while generalizing and stereotyping the Tea Party members, Republicans, Occupy Wall Street members or any other group on the other hand.
  • There is no proof that Mr. Manson was a Tea Party activist to begin with, yet proof exists that he is not. In light of this, the association should be removed.

There are many accusations of racism in the Tea Party, but it is extremely difficult to find any video proof of this. If one searches for Anti-Semitism in the Occupy crowd, all sorts of video evidence of people actually spewing hatred emerge. Should there be condemnation of all the Occupy protesters based on the actions of some? No. President Obama receives (according to the Telegraph) up to 30 death threats per day. Why is this instance all over the internet?

The mainstream media has transformed this man into a Tea Party Activist to prove that the Tea Party is racist. On the flip side, Lonnie Rashid Lynn raps about killing George Bush, and was invited to the White House. There is an online game available even now called “Kill George Bush,” yet a politically insignificant person makes a death threat against Obama on Facebook, and it is picked up by reputable news outlets. Why?

This is a desperate effort to link the Tea Party to racism, and this particular evidence is weak at best. In this age of technology, and with many chomping at the bit to prove that the Tea Party is racist, there are precious few videos of Tea Party participants spewing racist rantings. Jules Manson was an opportunity for some to link his behavior to the Tea Party activists and/or Ron Paul supporters.

One is reminded of the mainstream media’s response to Jared Loughner’s shooting rampage. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the mainstream media was quick to associate the right’s so called “violent rhetoric” with the murder of six innocents and the attack on Gabby Giffords. Jared, like Jules, acted alone, and to attempt to associate the violent or racist actions of one person to an entire group is reminiscent of what society hates about racism in the first place.

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