Does Justin Bieber Hate This Guy for Kissing Selena Gomez?

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Does Justin Bieber hate this Nat Wolff guy for kissing Selena Gomez? Nat hopes that’s not the case. He doesn’t want the Biebs or his millions of fans thinking he’s some jerk who’s trying to steal his girlfriend.

According to a report from Entertainmentwise, Nat stars with Selena Gomez in the upcoming film Feed the Dog, and there are scenes where he and Selena lock Justin bieber and selena gomezlips. Do you wonder how many takes those scenes had?

Nat Wolff says it was pretty cool kissing Selena Gomez, but he really has no problem with the Believe concert star. In fact, he thinks he’s pretty cool, too.

“It was fun, but it was funny the way all this drama made about it. Justin Bieber he’s actually a friend of mine. You know, I got to know him through the shooting,” Nat says. “He’s a nice guy so I hope he doesn’t hate me.”

It’s highly unlikely that Justin harbors any animosity toward Nat Wolff at all. He understands the business. In fact there have been times when pretty girls have kissed him in his music videos–and Selena Gomez always understands.

Justin and Selena support each other’s careers, and the occasional kissing scene comes with the territory. So Nat Wolff can rest easy. He hasn’t made any enemies–this time.

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