Does Justin Bieber Have Cancer? ‘Bald For Bieber’ Storms Twitter

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Does Bieber have cancer? That’s the newest rumor that has hit the web about the super star pop star. On Thursday, a screen shot emerged that was allegedly posted by Entertainment Tonight (and then quickly deleted). The post originally read:

“Pop Star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support.”

The screen shot is convincing enough. The Entertainment Tonight logo has the blue “verified” check mark. However, below the tweet, it shows a reply from the Biebs himself saying that he was thankful for all the support. If that tweet ever existed, it too was quickly deleted. To help add fuel to the fire is the fact that a Facebook page quickly went up about Bieber’s supposed cancer. Of course, it only has 2 “likes,” but one individual supposedly already shaved their head in support for the singer.

Despite all of the “evidence,” this story seems to be more of a hoax than anything else. The tweet could have been easily photoshopped and, in this case, likely was. Bieber has almost 30,000,000 followers on the social networking site, and it is likely that more than a few would have noticed the tweet and been storming the web. So far, other “verification” of this story comes from Yahoo! Answers (which is definitely not a credible source).

However, a website has since launched called “Bald For Bieber” and lists the following information, “Recently, information regarding our loving artist Justin Bieber has been leaked online. Justin has cancer. At his request, it was kept hidden with help from his agent, although some devious people figured out this secret and leaked it over the Internet. We would like to embrace this! SUPPORT BIEBER IN HIS STRUGGLE – #BALDFORBIEBER!”

Bieber has been vocal in his support for cancer research, even tweeting a link to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. Is there any truth to this story? This is either a huge internet hoax or Bieber and his camp are keeping this quiet. Either way, the #BaldForBieber movement is taking over Twitter fast!

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