Does Kanye West want Kim Kardashian to ‘abandon her family’?

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While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in London, a report surfaced claiming that Kim had become really controlling of Kanye, ordering him around and banning him from hanging out with other girls. But now that they’re back in the States, have the tables turned?

According to In Touch (via, Kanye has recently become “more controlling” of Kim — and is pressuring her to “abandon her family” and distance herself from momager Kris Jenner!

“There is so much tension between Kanye and Kim’s mom, Kris,” a “source” dishes to the mag, because Kanye thinks Kris is “too involved” in Kim’s life and is “tired of her making all of Kim’s decisions for her.”

Kris is Kim’s manager, so she would obviously have input on Kim’s business decisions. But Kris is definitely too involved in all her kids’ lives, not just Kim’s. Remember a couple months back when she was reportedly pressuring Khloe Kardashian to dump Lamar Odom to boost ratings for their reality show? Meddling is what Kris does.

But “Kanye is tired of Kim talking to her mom on the phone every day and consulting with her about everything,” a “friend” tells In Touch, and now Kim is “torn between her mom and her boyfriend.”

“She doesn’t know how to cut ties with Kris without major family drama. She may lose it all,” a hyperbolic “insider” says.

There have been reports that Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have both considered replacing Kris as their manager, but Kim likely never would. Kris has made her too much money, and Kim definitely prefers money to relationships (otherwise she wouldn’t have married Kris Humphries just for millions of dollars, ratings and publicity). Besides, Kim is Kris’ favorite child, and she even hacked her mom’s Twitter account recently to remind everyone of that. So Kim is likely not looking for new management, regardless of any ultimatum Kanye has (probably not) given her — especially since Kimye are going to break up soon anyway. And given how emotional Kanye still is about losing his mother nearly five years ago, it’s really unlikely he’d do something to cause someone else to become estranged from her mother.

What do you think? Should Kim Kardashian distance herself from Kris Jenner? Is Kanye West too controlling? Sound off in the comments!

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