Does Kate Gosselin Have a Secret Disease?

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Is Kate Gosselin ill? Is the Kate Plus Eight star suffering from some sort of secret disease? There is speculation that she most definitely is, and you may be surprised to learn what exactly is ailing her.

According to a report from The Stir, Kate certainly seems as though she has an obsession with dirty hands–and believe it or not, there’s a name for that. While she certainly isn’t suffering from something that could find her bedridden or eventually hospitalized, her disease can most definitely have a profound impact on her life and the lives of her eight children. In fact, it probably already is.

Molysmophobia is a definite consideration when trying to figure out what Kate’s secret disease is. It is a phobia involving the terror of infection or disease. Kate is always anal with regard to dirty hands. Just read through these next couple of examples and see what you think.

During the family’s recent RV trip–when the children wanted to touch the catfish they caught–above everything else that was going on you could hear Kate’s voice imploring everyone to “wash hands thoroughly.” And when daughter Mady passed bodyguard Steve a piece of pizza using her–gasp!–hands, Kate was disgusted, saying it should have been wrapped in foil prior to being passed.

Now of course mothers should always be concerned about their family’s good hygiene, and hand washing is a big part of that, but is Kate Gosselin overly concerned about hand washing? Is she concerned beyond normal standards? Does she really fear that her children will become incredibly ill if they handle a fish or pass food with their hands?

Sometimes such concerns cross the line and become obsessions. That’s what molysmophobia is. It’s an obsession that is typically only alleviated through anxiety medication and therapy. Could Kate Gosselin really be suffering from this disease-obsession?

Hopefully if that’s truly the case, Kate Gosselin will seek some professional help. She is likely driving herself even crazier than she’s driving her children. Kate, most kids don’t die from dirty hands. They touch cat fish, they touch people’s food, and believe it or not they even touch things like poop–and they live to tell about it.

This is more than you will do, Kate, if you don’t get a grip on your molysmophobia. Step away from the hand-sanitizer, Kate!

Is there any hope for saving Kate Gosselin?

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