Does Kate Gosselin’s Driving Scare Jon?

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Speeding is something that many people are guilty of. However, if you’re pulled over for a speeding ticket, it usually doesn’t make headlines. Unless of course, you are Kate Gosselin.

Kate’s most recent offense was going 88 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. She did not have the kids in the car with her this time. This was not her first offense however. In 2010, she was caught speeding. And, not even four months earlier in 2009, she was cited for going 70 MPH in a 55 MPH. This time, though, she had her eight children in the car with her.

Now, reportedly when the eight kids are in the car with Kate, Jon Gosselin fears for their safety. Of course, this is being reported by The National Enquirer who are less than reputable, but the story make sense. Even if Jon Gosselin hasn’t said Kate’s driving scares him, there is the possibility that it does.

With all of her violations, it’s a wonder Kate has not yet had her driver’s license suspended.

In Pennsylvania, a driver is issued points based on how fast they are speeding. An accumulation of six points requires the driver to take a test. If the driver passes, they will have two points. When a driver goes 12 months without any further violations, three points are removed from their record.

There are also measures taken when a driver accumulates six points a second or third time.

Despite the many violations, it appears that she is still able to have her driver’s license.

Kate is a strong woman and one that many mothers look up to. However, for the safety of her kids – and for herself! – she should let off the gas pedal a bit!

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