Does Kate Middleton Feel Overworked, Wish for ‘Normal’ Life?

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Last week In Touch claimed that Queen Elizabeth II thinks Kate Middleton, who is apparently “known in the royal inner circle as Duchess of Dolittle,” is lazy. A new report will do nothing to change the Queen’s mind.

According to Now, the Duchess of Cambridge — who has made around 40 appearances at charity events since marrying Prince William last April — “feels weighed down by [her] crippling workload.” (Forty appearances in 10 months can hardly be described as a “crippling workload,” especially not when compared to the 85-year-old Queen’s full schedule.) And since Kate has been making more solo appearances with William away, “her tireless charity work is also wearing her out” and “the extra responsibilities have left her nerves in tatters.”

Kate was around the royal family for nearly a decade before she and William married, so it’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into. Marrying a royal, especially one who’s second in line to the throne, by definition involves making public appearances and doing charity work — that’s why it’s called public service. And she’s hardly been thrown into it full-time like Princess Diana, who was practically still a teenager and had basically zero training or preparation.

But if Now is to be believed, Kate is bemoaning that she’s actually expected to work and complaining that she doesn’t have a life of her own anymore.

“Kate sees Pippa on her skiing trips and living her own life but she can’t do any of that [writer’s note: Kate has gone on more than one vacation since marrying William, so that’s not a great example],” a “friend of Kate’s” whines to Now. “She misses having a social life of her own. She loved rowing with female athletes The Sisterhood but the days when she could be part of that are long gone.

“She knows it’s all worth it to be with Wills, but every now and again she wonders what it would be like if they just had normal lives,” Now‘s source adds.

Hopefully this report is totally made up, because there’s no way Kate could be this dense, right? Right? Obviously there will be a period of adjustment to her new role, but this is what she signed up for, this is what she waited around for. There’s no way she could have believed she would be able to continue spending her days shopping and getting her hair done while making the occasional charitable appearance. And if she did, she’s in for an incredibly rude awakening because she’s the wife of a future king and her schedule is only going to get busier going forward.

What do you think? Does Kate Middleton actually think she’s overworked? Does she regret marrying Prince William? Sound off in the comments!

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