Does Kim Kardashian Have Herpes? Kanye West Warned To Stay Away by Gossip Site

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Kim Kardashian may look stunning most of the time but apparently she is like most women and suffers occasional episodes of bad skin. Though most gossip sites are reporting that Kimmie K has had a brush with acne, there is at least one site that is saying it’s not acne at all…it’s herpes.

Big difference!

Apparently, since Kim made a sex tape with her ex boyfriend Ray J and has had quite a few boyfriends over the years, Media Take Out thinks that she’s bound to get herpes sooner or later. They just think that it’s sooner and the pictures showing Kim with some bumps on her usually flawless face prove it.

“If it were any NORMAL chick . . . we’d assume that those were just acne bumps. But given that this IS KIM KARDASHIAN . . . if we were YEEZY, we’d wait for the flare yup to SUBSIDE before we got TOP!!

You know . . . JUST IN CASE!!”

Do you believe that Kim has herpes? It’s more likely that she’s just suffering from acne like most women but Media Take Out is never one to agree with everyone else!

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