Does Kim Kardashian Sleep in Make-Up?

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Kim Kardashian wears a lot of make-up on a regular basis but does she sleep with it on? The reality star is almost always looking her best whether she’s hitting the red carpet or hitting the hay, but as most people know, sleeping with make-up on can actually cause acne and other skin conditions.

“Good nightFile:Kim Kardashian 2, 2011.jpg,” Kim tweeted on Saturday night along with a playful photo of her in bed, sticking her tongue out, wearing make-up and a gold watch. It seems as though she sent out the tweet before actually doing her “night-time routine,” because of all people, Kim must know that it’s not good to sleep with make-up on—especially because she suffers from psoriasis. She is very cautious about her looks (since that’s how she makes her money) and it’s safe to assume that she took off her eyeshadow and foundation before turning out the lights.

Kim Kardashian knows that she’s gorgeous but she probably isn’t going to jeopardize that by wearing make-up to bed.

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