Does Madonna Drops Kabbalah for Opus Dei?

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Madonna has a new religion, and it is not Kabbalah, according to friends. Kabbalah has lost its celebrity star. She has dropped her faith for Opus Dei. After 15 years, the super star has a new religion that follows the Catholic sect of The Da Vinci Code.

She has been with priests this weekend, and although she has had a falling out with Kabbalah leaders, she is still searching for the truth. Has she found it in Opus Dei? “The move follows her alleged falling out with some Kabbalah leaders after reports that cash raised for her Malawi charity was squandered. Last night, a source claimed: ‘She has invested so much into Kabbalah so she was devastated by these damning accusations.'”

It is intriguing that a woman like Madonna, who made her fortune being outlandish and brandishing sexy clothes, is seeking God in religion. She obviously thinks she can get to heaven through her charitable works, and she may. It appears for now that Madonna is abandoning Kabbalah for Opus Dei, and she may yet find truth and happiness, but not with her last religion.

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