Does Miley Cyrus Get Help to Make Her Lips Kissable for Liam Hemsworth?

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There’s always some sort of rumor circulating about Miley Cyrus; it’s just the downside to celebrity status. Now that rumors of anorexia, cutting and all the buzz over cutting her hair has died down, attention is turning to Miley’s face. One of the newest things spreading along the grapevine is that the pop star turned actress has been getting a little professional help achieving the perfect kissable pout.

Although it may appear that her lips are a little plumper as of late, Miley Cyrus firmly denies getting lip injections. She addressed the newest rumor about her on Twitter: “definitely don’t get my lips injected. it’s so sad that people have done so much shit to their face people don’t believe in natural beauty.” Now that the focus has been turned away from her lips, the media can keep an eye on other parts of her body to fabricate some new part that she could have potentially altered.

Miley does, however, seem to take the media too much to heart at times. There is naturally going to be gossip about her. After all, she is a celebrity. With time, she will hopefully learn to ignore any negative talk that will arise and ignore the piddly stuff. It’s just talk. If she’s accused of something a little more serious than minor cosmetic procedures, then it may merit a response, but she gets far too upset about things that simply do not matter.

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