Does NBC Olympic Games Coverage Need Hoda Kotb’s Help?

Some people like Meredith Vieira’s and Ryan Seacrest’s NBC Olympic games coverage. However, apparently the powers-that-be think the duo needs a little help from Today’s Hoda Kotb.

“They’re just shoehorning her into the show to help bring it alive,” say representatives from NBC. That’s apparently because the chemistry between Vieira and Seacrest isn’t what they’d hoped for. While the ratings are holding, they are not advancing against the other networks.

Some people think viewers are tuning out all things NBC to protest the horrible way the network treated former anchor Ann Curry. Viewers have let it be known they aren’t that happy with the Matt Lauer/Savannah Guthrie hookup. So much so that some viewers have jumped ship to ABC’s Good Morning America and then remaining there instead of switching back.

NBC’s rating for the pre-event Olympic games coverage has been low. Their post event coverage is faring no better. That definitely spells trouble, which is why Hoda’s coming to the rescue. Will the popular host help infusion a bit of spark?

It is possible. Unfortunately, the network still fails to deal with a larger issue. Their once loyal viewers don’t like Savannah Guthrie. They’re also none to keen on Lauer because they feel he’s responsible for what happened with Curry. Until NBC deals with that issue, they probably stand no chance of regaining the momentum they enjoyed for so many years. Even the Olympics can’t fix what they willing broke.

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