Does Nina Dobrev’s Twitter Absence Suggest She’s with Ian Somerhalder?

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Nina Dobrev very well may be with her beau, Ian Somerhalder, in the mountains! The actress has not updated her account since Monday, and her last tweet suggests that she could be on vaca with her man!

“Gorgeous,” Nina tweFile:Nina Dobrev 02.jpgeted, holding a magazine that featured Adele on the cover. Could she have picked up the mag to read while on a plane? Maybe! At the same time, Ian has been tweeting up a storm, and it appears that he is in Idaho with some guy friends, snowboarding and enjoying the snow… he hasn’t made any mention of being there with Nina.

The last time Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev presumably went on vacation together was over the holidays. Both of them tweeted some clues that proved that they were at the same place together—many believe it was Sun Valley, Idaho. With Nina being so quiet lately, some fans believe that she and Ian have been enjoying the past few days together in the mountains! What do you think?

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