Does Obama Need a Campaign Manager?

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Why does Obama need a campaign manager? Both camps rage about the need for economic changes. Mr. President, sound economic policy begins at home. Why are you shelling out good money when Romney supporters are single-handedly running the show for you? Yes, Romney is reportedly $20 million in debt, while you’ve managed to remain debt free, but that’s no excuse for frivolity.

Examine the cold hard cash facts, Mr. President; it is, after all, a major part of your platform. When the Mother Jones Video revealed the candidate trashing 47 percent of the country’s citizens, and lamenting over his lack of Latino heritage, Romney’s camp countered with a scathing, 14-year-old version of Obama discussing “redistribution” to reinforce the infrastructure (waiting for the stunned gasping to die down…). When Romney’s solution to the debacle was to “reboot,” punctuated by a Univision appearance in what amounts to a “Hispanic version of blackface” his supporters countered with genius-level finger-pointing.

Pictures of an unpresidential-like Obama drinking beer on St. Patrick’s Day–for shame!–Calling for the heads of leftist extremists on a plate for their continued insistence on dividing this great country–because, you know, insulting half the country is a warm fuzzy reminder of shared goals for the common good. Then there are those who simply resorted to calling the opinions of Obama supporters flatly irrelevant–yeah, hit ‘em where it hurts, guys, that ought to sting for a good long while! It might have been more effective if Romney’s fans had just stuck out their tongues, and called everyone not on their side big fat meanie poo-poo heads…the implication being that their heads match the color of Mitt Romney’s; except for his ears, that is.File:Beer summit cheers.jpgPhoto credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

“The differences…are abundantly clear. Mitt Romney is struggling to appear as if he identifies with Latinos…He can’t manage…without going into debt, and he can’t keep his top official from bolting less than 50 days before the election.

Meanwhile, President Obama is enjoying renewed popularity and is widening the gap in the polls. Of course, it’s perfectly possible for Romney to win, but with each word that comes out of his mouth, the chances of that happening get smaller and smaller.”

The question is clear, Mr. President, if Mitt Romney’s own co-chairman bailed, presumably because there’s no hope, and his supporters are doing a wonderful job of getting you elected sans payment of any kind, why do you need a campaign manager? Apparently, you’re unconcerned with adding yet another display of blatant misspending to your already abundant repertoire.

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