Does Sarah Palin Want Children to Work? What About Their Futures?

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Sarah Palin made some comments recently about the child labor laws in the country and how they’re causing America to fail. Does that mean ‘momma grizzly’ wants children to go back to work like in the times when they were exploited by corporations?

Regarding this “farm” thing, the Department of Labor has withdrawn its proposal asking for restrictions on children in these environments. Of course Sarah Palin went on the attack turning this into a politically targeted controversy where it really shouldn’t have been. She equated this to Obama aiming to destroy rural living and farm life, but that’s certainly not the case.

Of course now it’s not an issue, but it really should be. Children under the age of 16 should really be focused on their educations and not labor that is time intensive and sometimes very dangerous. In fact, there have been fatalities in this industry including the electrocution deaths of at least two teenage girls.

“If I wanted America to fail, I’d ban kids from farm work,” she said on Facebook.

Wouldn’t you think the failure of America includes the dumbing down of the nation’s children due to forcing them into labor while they should be studying and worried about their grades and future college educations? Of course, the GOP is anti-education on several levels. Remember when Rick Santorum called Obama a snob for wanting everyone to be able to go to college? Yeah, it’s like that.

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