Does Scientology Get Slammed in Lisa Marie Presley’s New Album?

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Lisa Marie Presley has been a part of Scientology as far back as she can remember. But does something in her newest venture show she’s decided to drop kick the religion once and for all?

It seems possible. The lyrics of one of the songs in her new album Storm & Grace, is telling. The song is ‘So Long’ and in it Lisa Marie talks about leaving a religion she’s found is false. She talks about “churches without a soul” and “religion so corrupt”. But might that be any form of organized religion and not just hers alone?

That’s certainly seems possible until the chorus comes along, saying, “seems I was so wrong.” That implies she’s talking about herself and her religion, which has always been Scientology. Her words get even stronger, “I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side; stains all over my soul I can’t hide.” They could be construed to mean Elvis’s daughter is now aware of something of which she’s ashamed.

Young Presley goes on to add, “these roads don’t lead to anything.” She adds, “these people they talk, they say nothing.” She even takes a swipe at Hollywood with, “actors who don’t have a part; heart-felt people with no heart.”

That certainly sounds like Tinsel Town. It’s full of people who often talk a good game and claim to care about the welfare of all Americans. Yet they promote, support and elect officials who would see middle America pushed into poverty. The sad news is they don’t have much further to go to see that dream realized.

Maybe Lisa Marie is looking at things through new eyes; the kind that only maturity can bring. If so, she very well could be slamming the religion that remains at the fore-front of scandal. If so, then good for her!

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