Does Stephen Moyer Want to Get Alexander Skarsgard in the Sack?

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There’s no denying True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard is hot, and he’s had his share of sex scenes on the hit HBO series. One co-star in particular is eager to have some steamy action with Skarsgard on the screen, and it’s not who you might think.

Skarsgard’s character Eric Northman has been buddying up with former rival Bill Compton, so a more than platonic relationship between the two vampires is now a possibility. Apparently, that possibility is something both Alexander and Stephen Moyer are open to filming.

This juicy tidbit came to light in The Advocate‘s recent interview with Moyer:

[Interviewer] Speaking of sexual tension, when will Bill and his adversary Eric just get it over with already and have angry vampire sex?

[Moyer] I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time. Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it. Of course, Bill and Eric together isn’t necessarily Sookie’s fantasy.

It wouldn’t be the first time to see Alexander Skarsgard or Stephen Moyer indulge in some sexy gay action on the series. The vampire characters are mainly bi-sexual, but it would be a first for characters Eric and Bill together. Is this a coupling True Blood fans really want to see?

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