Does Taylor Swift Mind Joe Jonas Writing Songs About Her?

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Taylor Swift writes songs about what goes on in her life. Many of her lyrics are filled with stories about her own personal life and love experiences. Swift has even written about bad relationships and ex-boyfriends. Should Taylor be shocked when one of those exes writes about her?

Swift, Taylor (2007)Fans have speculated for a while about three different songs being about Taylor. One of these is Joe Jonas’ solo hit ‘See No More.’ The Jonas brother, who claimed this week that his ‘dream woman’ would be Elizabeth Taylor, never has admitted to using ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift as the topic of the song.

He did sing to a pale dress hanging on a bare wall though and has admitted to using past relationships as lyric-fodder. The dress did not represent Elizabeth Taylor, but could easily have represented Taylor.

So, how does Taylor Swift take all of this?

It’s all good fun though. It’s music going back and forth. It’s fueled by heartbreak and real stories and real things. That’s what keeps music authentic.

It seems that she is ok with people using past relationships with her as the basis of song lyrics. What is good for Taylor is good for Joe Jonas. Is this ‘eye for an eye’ or just art? Swift looks at it as just art as long as she maintains a “healthy prospective” on her life.

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