Does ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Have A Prescription Pill Problem?

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Does Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska have a problem with prescription pills? That’s what one source is saying, and the news is rather disturbing. Chelsea has always been one of the drama-free Teen Mom stars. Is that title about to go away?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a source says Ambien is Chelsea’s preferred prescription drug, and that since she doesn’t have her own prescription for the sleep aid, she gets it from a friend.

“Chelsea pops pills tChelsea Houska *Fanpage*hat aren’t prescribed to her and abuses the ones that are,” the source says. “She pops pills like I’ve never seen before.”

Does Chelsea realize she is not only taking her health and her very life into her own hands by abusing drugs, but she could go to jail, too? Her daughter Aubree needs her. How could she even consider behaving this irresponsibly?

It seems that alcohol is frequently mixed with the pills that Chelsea Houska has reportedly been taking.

“Chelsea drinks every night,” the source adds. “Sometimes she’ll take the pills while Aubree is still awake. Then when Aubree goes to sleep, she’ll drink wine or whatever.”

The source goes on to explain how this very serious and potentially deadly matter is already having an impact on little Aubree.

“They can make her very impatient and frustrated with Aubree,” the source says.

Unfortunately it sounds like Chelsea Houska may have fallen into a false sense of security regarding these prescription medications that many young people fall into.

“I’m sure she knows these pills and drinking is dangerous. She just thinks that nothing is going to happen to her,” the source says.

Hopefully someone will intervene in this Teen Mom’s life–and fast, too. If what the source is claiming is in fact actually true, then she needs help desperately. In order to save her life and the quality of life for Aubree, someone needs to get Chelsea Houska into rehab or–at the very least–some serious counseling.

Do you think these allegations could be true? Does Chelsea strike you as the kind of young woman who would abuse prescription drugs and combine them with alcohol?

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