Does Your Supervisor Constantly Put You Down? Are Your Relatives Constantly Riding You? You Believe You Deserve to be Happy? Bad Relationship: Knowing When to Walk Out!

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Does your supervisor constantly put you down and attempt to make you feel inferior? You go to work and give it all you can; a full days work and on the following day you are scrutinized for what you did wrong or for what you left incomplete…


Are your relatives constantly riding you, because of personal choices you’ve made that are working for you? You have fallen in love with someone who could never meet your relatives expectations; you are too religious for their liking, you are dating outside your race or culture, your sexual preference, you have decided to forgo college and complete a trade, you are over educated, but elect to be a homemaker, you are a house husband… Your decision has caused major conflict in the family, so much that you are seeing a therapist; what do you do?


Bad relationships are inclusive of more than just conflicts within love partnerships. We feel best when we are living the life we were destine to live; if you are happy and fulfilled and not harming or endangering yourself or others, than who should complain about your life decisions? We all have the right to expect to be appreciated for our good deeds at work and with the choices we’ve made in our personal life; anything less we have the right to reject…


My book project entitled: “Bad Relationships: Knowing When to Walk Out!” Addresses all the life conflicts and challenges; work relations, family conflicts and hazardous love relations. The goal is to remind us of our personal worth and our inner strength to create change; only you have the power to reject negativity in your life… So lets get busy…


Latonya Peterson; author of The Cradle Robber, There’s One Nut in Every Family and Make Me Feel Good: You Must Define Your Own Self-worth.

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I am a Published Author of three novels; The Cradle Robber, There's One Nut in Every Family and Make Me Fell Good; You Must Define Your own Self-worth. My novels are available through national and international channels and bookstores: www.barnesandnoble

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