Dog Cloning Spotlight in Advance of TLC’s ‘I Cloned My Pet’

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Dog cloning has been all over the news for past couple of days, and it is because of TLC’s newest show I Cloned My Pet, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. Most pets do not have the lifespan of a human, so losing them has become part of life.

Dog Cloning Spotlight in Advance of TLC's 'I Cloned My Pet'However, now technology in South Korea allows dog cloning for people who desperately love their pets. The problem is, though, that the clone is not actually the same animal. A woman named Danielle Tarantola who lost her dog named Trouble had him cloned for $50,000, and now she has Double Trouble, and she said that the two are similar. She realizes they aren’t the same animal, but she does seem happy to have Trouble’s clone in her life. It makes you wonder, though, if she would have been happy having another dog in her life, which would have been much cheaper than cloning her pet.

You can see Double Trouble in action below in the Good Morning America video. Is this something you would ever consider? What about if the price were lower? What about the ethical issues this type of cloning brings up? Should dogs and other pets be cloned?

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