Dog Cop Breaks Up Cat Fight (Video)

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A video on YouTube shows what it’s like when a cat fight gets so out of hand, only a valiant dog cop can break it up.

The video starts with two cats arching their backs and screeching at each other in the way that only angry felines can act out.

But it’s usually just for show, with both combatants eventually backing down and slinking away from each other unscathed. Usually.

This time, as one of the tabbys starts to back out, the other decides it’s time to show who’s really boss and takes a swipe out of the other’s hackled fur.

As the two scramble with each other, tumbling, clawing, screeching and scratching, it looks like the fight is really on and one of these kitties is going to end up getting seriously hurt.

That’s when the dog cop decides to jump in and bark out a command to break it all up and move along. Nothing to see here?

The uploader, FreeFunnyClips dubs over some musical and audio sound effects, which only add to the drama, and the show is over in less than half a minute.

But exactly how long should a cat fight last, anyway?

The answer this time certainly gives one “paws” for thought…

Here’s the video:

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