‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’- his sons sever ties jeopardizing next season?

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Dog the Bounty Hunter is riding a rough patch as two family members and stars of this
reality show have not only left the bounty hunting business, but severed ties with the family. Dog’s two handsome sons, Leland and Duane Lee, who bring in the younger generation of viewers, have thrown the towel in.

What caused Dog’s sons to sever their ties with the family is not known, but “Baby Lyssa,” Dogs daughter, is writing a book that promises to tell everything, including why her brothers packed it in from being under their father’s wings. Lyssa’s suspended from the family business of bounty hunting in the latest episode after getting arrested.

Lyssa says she’s drugged by someone and that’s why she was demonstrating the behavior that caused her to get thrown into jail. Her arrest came after she was a “drunken mess” and banging on doors of stranger’s houses saying that her children were in the homes she was at. This broke Dog’s heart and he’s seen shedding tears as it made national TV. Now with his sons up and quitting, this must compound the feeling.

The producers of Dog the Bounty Hunter sent letters to both Leland and Duane Lee demanding they return to production. The letter also told them that if they don’t come back now, they will risk being kicked off the show for good, according to TMZ.

What is going on with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family? After watching this show one could surmise that Dog’s a bit too controlling at times and he also has the tendency of reprimanding his grown kids like they were children. This could play a part in some of the animosity that’s going on and causing them to sever ties with the family.

Without Leland and Duane Lee, Dog’s show might find itself faltering as these guys are not only hot, but real-life tough guys, appealing to the young women their age. While the show’s theme’s catching bail jumpers, it’s really about so much more, like family dynamics and the sub-plots that come out of the family interactions.

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