Dog The Bounty Hunter Hospitalized For On The Job Injury

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There is news from the world of A&E this weekend as Dog The Bounty Hunter was hospitalized back on Saturday for what is being called a work related injury. The wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman, Beth, posted a statement to his official website on Saturday.

According to E! Online, it read as follows: “He was admitted for tests for a possible blood clot following an injury he suffered on a bounty hunt. Duane is in very capable hands and and we thank everyone for their prayers.”

The seventh season of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” premieres this coming Wednesday on A&E. No word yet on how long Dog will be laid up in the hospital, but it sounds like he is set for a quick recovery.

Being a bounty hunter is not the safest job around, so him being injured during the occupation is not all that surprising. It is good to know he will be a-okay soon!Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.


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