Dognapping in Vietnam Leads to Vigilante Justice Turned Deadly

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It is well-known that our beloved pets in the West are dinner in some Asian countries. But that is starting to change. Although it is not as much for attachment as it is for protection, Vietnamese are fighting back against dognapping and it has turned deadly for one resident, when a brick thrown by a thief hit the resident, killing them.

Dog Thieves Are Fighting Back

The recent death came from prepared dognappers, who in the past were caught by villagers and beaten to death. One thief was beaten and his body burned; his body was then left in the road as a warning. Coming with bricks to throw if caught is the thieves fighting back against the villagers during a time when there is little the police can do to protect the dogs or the criminals.

What Can an Owner Do?

Residents are understandably upset. The death and kidnapping could have been prevented if laws were strict enough to detain these criminals for longer periods of time. Currently, the theft is minor if it is under 2 million dong (97 U.S. dollars) and those dognapping are not charged with theft, just attempted theft with a small fine. Dogs are cheaper than that and sell higher to the restaurants that buy them.

Who will Win?
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The fight between dog owners and dognappers will continue as long as thieves can get as much as a months wages from the sale of one dog in Vietnam. For animal lovers and owners around the world, this pulls at the heart, not being able to imagine their precious, faithful friends being stolen and put on a plate for someone to eat.

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