‘Dogs in the City’ Recap: He Barks and He Barks and He Barks

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Justin Silver is back this week on Dogs in the City. This dog guru takes on three new cases to help dogs and their owners live together peacefully.

First, Justin visits with Kevin who is a K9 officer and his partner, Riley. He has been Kevin’s partner for 7 years now but is retiring from his duties to become the household pet. The task Justin needs to deal with is to introduce Nicki, Kevin’s new partner into the family and to ease Riley into his retirement. After seeing how the dogs train, Justin brings in another pooch to see how Nicki will react. He does quite well. Now, they bring Riley to meet Nicki and after sniffing and checking each other out, they both settle down.

The next task is to have Kevin’s son take over as Riley’s main guy and teaches him to do the commands. That way Riley will feel like he still has a purpose in his life and the two will become closer. Justin is thrilled to be invited to go along on Riley’s last patrol. Kevin said he is both happy and sad about this day. Riley can now live out a peaceful and happy life with the family and new dog, Nicki.

Valentina and her owner Jessica lives in a plush hotel and rides around in a limo. This adorable bulldog is treated like a human baby by Jessica, but there is also a real human baby in the house now, Liam, who is five months old. Valentina has been fed pate and the temperature in the apartment is kept cold just for her. This affects baby Liam because he has to wear a sweater to appease this dog. Justin is perplexed by all of this. He tells Jessica that Valentina needs to learn to be a dog, not a human. She is very reluctant about this change.

Justin decides that a play date is in order for Valentina. She is introduced to one of Justin’s dogs and has a great time learning to play and she even got her feet wet! Poor Jessica was so nervous waiting outside. With a little help adjusting to just being a dog, Valentina is quite happy with this new position in life and maybe Liam can take off that sweater!

Adam, Dominique and their two boys have quite the situation on their hands with their cute dog Oreo. He is a domineering dog and barks continuously. He sneers at anyone that gets close to Dominique. After having a one-on-one chat with the dog, Oreo and Justin come to an understanding. Oreo needs to chill and let Adam be the head of the home. Justin told the couple that Oreo needs more exercise to exert his aggression. He then trains the dog not to bark and go crazy when the family leaves the house by making him stay on his bed and giving him turkey as a treat. Justin explains that he uses turkey because it is a healthier choice for canines. The cute pooch soon learns that he is not the boss. Success!

Catch the next episode of Dogs in the City next Wednesday on CBS.

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