‘Dogs in the City’ Recap: Someone is Gonna Get Hurt

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This week on Dogs in the City, dog guru Justin Silver helps three dog owners deal with the issues that affect their lives and maybe the lives of other people outside their home. New York City is chock full of sweet pets and Justin is on a mission to train the owners how to teach their dogs the correct way of doing things.

Justin arrives in Queens to the home of Ray and Jaclyn, an engaged couple who just moved in together. Ray has 2 pitbulls, Jada and Skye, and Jaclyn has Mia, a cute Chihuahua who loves to antagonize the other two dogs. She attacks both of them, which is causing a problem in the couple’s relationship. Justin finds out that the dogs have only been together outside, not inside because Jaclyn is fearful that things will get out of hand eventually. Justin wants to witness the situation, so they let Mia out and she goes snapping at the dogs. He also discovers that the dogs go crazy when someone comes to the door.

First, Justin picked out what he calls the ‘destination spot’ for the pets to stand when someone comes to the door. They learn to stay in their special spot when they hear knocks on the front door. Next, the dogs need to learn to get along, especially on their daily walks. The main problem is that Jaclyn is always tense which the dogs sense. As Justin tells her, Mia takes her cue from her. Jaclyn’s fearfulness transfers to Mia, which is why she is tense with the other two dogs and goes after them. Justin teaches Jaclyn to relax and have more confidence. Mia relaxes, too and learns to get along quite well with Skye and Jada. The true test came at the couple’s engagement party. All three dogs posed beautifully for a family picture. It sounds like a great start for their future.

Justin then heads to Manhattan to visit with the Fable family and their beautifulGoldendoodle posing for Glamour Shots. Goldendoodle named Stella. They are tired of the dog being hyper all the time. Well, at least mom is. Justin called their household a circus. Stella is out of control, or maybe the family is? Husband Paul seems to be the culprit. He thinks that the dog loves all the rough housing, but that is what Stella knows and has been taught. Justin witnesses the two kids snapping toys at Stella and playing too rough which then gets the dog to bite them as she plays. Justin sets out to teach Stella and the family what appropriate play really is. Justin brings Chiquita to play with Stella. Chiquita teaches Stella how to play and when to settle down.

Back at home, Stella is taught to play with her own toys and when to let go of something she shouldn’t have. The family is also taught how to train the dog to walk beside them, not pull them down the street. The Fable family now has a well-controlled pooch that they can enjoy.

Next up for Justin is heading to West Chelsea to pay a visit to Alayne and her small pooch Carly, who is a celebrity dog. The problem is that Alayne has two other dogs, Annie and Lexie, who seem to dominate Carly at home. Justin learns that the dogs are stuck in the house 99% of the time with no exercise. Alayne admits that it is her fault because she spends her time inside, too.

Justin found a group for Alayne and her three dogs. The owners and their small dogs meet up in the park to have play dates. It turns out that Carly, Annie and Lexie are very social dogs and they are loving this time to play with the other dogs. Although reluctant at first, Alayne finds that the social time with the other dog owners can be beneficial in her life, too.

Three successful dog stories happen every week on Dogs in the City. Catch an all-new episode next Wednesday at 8pm on CBS.

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