Dolphins Live In The Moment GWE Thursday

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Regret scatters on sand dunes

the way flower petals float

down a wedding aisle

or the way leaves sway

on cool fall afternoons


Worry clasps around us

like heavy pearl necklaces

With persistent thoughts

of impending doom

whether real or imagined

inner worlds alter and constrain


Dolphins ride frothy emerald waves

and dive to drown burdens

that sink like aged pirate ships

Treasures for a healing Universe

receptive to a mammal’s endless pain


Powers of a thousand souls beneath

the sea’s surface foment pleas for release

Admonish oneself for dismay

We’re exempt from restraint


When humans abandon guilt

we may begin somnolence

With each dolphin’s leap

enlightenment propagates

from the sea to the living


Happiness is omnipresent on Earth

as it is alleged in Heaven

as long as we continue to breathe



Today’s lesson in poetry derived from 40 days near the Pacific and Ekhart Tolle. Thank you for reading. Hugs, Jen

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