Dolphins Save Florida Dog’s Life

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Sailors have always told stories of dolphins guiding lost ships, chasing off killer sharks and assisting drowning victims, so why not save a drowning dog? 

That is exactly what happened Monday afternoon on Marco Island. The 11-year-old Doberman, Turbo, found himself drowning in a neighborhood canal. Two dolphins splashed furiously enough to finally grab the attention of Sam Dalessandro. 

Dalessandro was stocking his boat when he heard the sea mammals causing lots of noise. He looked over and spotted the drowning dog. Nobody knows exactly how long Turbo had been treading water, but it’s estimated to be as long as 15 hours. It was clear he was in distress. 

The good neighbor called 911 and his wife, Audrey Dalessandro jumped in the water to save the dog. Firefighters showed up to help lift Turbo to rescue. He was exhausted and shivering but checked out and will be ok. The dolphins swam away once the dog was safe. 

“If it wasn’t for that dolphin, that dog would be in doggie heaven right now because we would have never seen it,” Dalessandro said told WZVN ABC7.

Apparently, Turbo had escaped his yard Sunday night and his owner, Cindy Burnett, spent hours looking for him but never checked the canal. 

All I know is, if I get lost at sea, I hope I have a pair of dolphins at my side.


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Photo Credit: Daniel Hayes

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