Domestic Abuse in Tennessee to Get Stiff Sentences and Fines

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Domestic abuse is a problem in general and in specific in Tennessee. Tennessee is #5 on the list of states where domestic abuse results in death. One-half of all violent crimes that are reported in Tennessee are domestic situations. Those statistics are very scary and Governor Bill Haslam is going to do something about it. It is time to take serious action against these offenders.

The “Repeat Domestic Violence Offender” bill would mandate at least 45 days in jail and a $350 to $3,500 fine for a second offense, and at least 120 days in jail and $1,100 to $5,000 fine for the third and subsequent offenses. Jail CellWill the threat of 45 days, or even 130 days, in jail actually stop a man from beating his wife a second time? Will knowing that he might have to pay a $5,000 fine stop a man from killing his partner? Will it make repeat violators give up their ways and stop throwing punches, hitting or choking their wives? Something has to change and the change needs to start now.

Domestic abuse takes many shapes and forms. It is an age-old problem and all you have to do is turn on any talk show and listen to the stories of women being beaten to death or close to death’s door by their husbands or significant others.

Domestic abuse has to be stopped and hopefully with the “Repeat Domestic Violence Offender” bill Tennessee will get the message across to those people who think it is OK to beat their partners.

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