Domestic violence in Tina Turner home

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When it comes to domestic violence, Tina Turner asks what does love have to do with it? And she should know, since she has been a domestic violence victim herself, and she told Oprah Winfrey that love in her home was getting beat in the head by Ike Turner with a shoe stretcher, according to the Huffington Post.

Fortunately that was many years ago, when the famous singer was just starting out in life professionally, rather than an event this year. And fortunately for the dancing legend she has found a better man to spend her time with nowadays than an abusive husband.

Turner recently married Erwin Bach, and Oprah let Tina Turner loose on her OWN television show recently to talk about it and the big differences in her life now compared to when she was being beaten by Ike in her early years. And the France-loving icon had quite a lot to say, including how Ike expected her to have sex with him right after whopping her upside the head with a shoe stretcher. And, like many other domestic violence victims, she gave into his demands for many years, until she finally had had enough.

Domestic violence victims don’t have to stay in abusive situations as much now as they did in the days in which Tina was held captive, when fewer opportunities for help outside the home existed, especially for a black woman. Now domestic violence shelters are more predominant in communities and the police are much more willing to intervene and arrest perpetrators for such crimes. And the judicial system is more eager to prosecute first-time male abusers with stiffer sentences as well. But there is still a long way to go to help abused women find the strength and assistance they need to walk away from an abuser.

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Ike and Tina Photo Credit: Heinrich Klaffs on Wikimedia Commons

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