Donald Trump Beats a Dead Horse; Revives Birther Nonsense

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Donald Trump is either brilliantly entertaining (like Stephen Colbert) or he’s an absolute dullard because it seems that he just can’t stop bringing up his birther nonsense. It also seems that the only people who pay attention to anything this man says are Fox News commentators who are just about as intellectual as The Donald.

During a segment with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Donald Trump revived his old birther ways by questioning President Obama’s place of birth, again. Of course it’s been several months since Obama revealed his long form birth certificate, so maybe Donald forgot?

“You can say the Manchurian candidate, I mean nobody knows anything about him: where he comes from, his education, how did he get into Columbia, if he had bad marks. How did he get into Harvard if he had bad marks? …There are so many things that people just don’t know. You go to Columbia and people don’t know who he is… We have a very strange situation going on,” he said.

Everyone in the world with a brain just sighed a collective sigh of frustration. Why is Donald Trump still hung up on this tripe? This source brings up something that The Donald commented on a few months back. Didn’t he have people in Hawaii investigating Obama’s birth? Didn’t he brag to have some unbelievable findings? What are they? This is just more veiled racism brought on by small minds who are either too aged and stuck in their ways to realize it, or they are simply too ignorant to become acquainted with the reality of things.

Look, there is nothing wrong with being displeased with President Obama, but grasping desperately onto some far out conspiracy theory is just ridiculous. Why not go after his fiscal ideas or whatever policies you disagree with? Does it truly make sense to believe that Obama is part of a conspiracy that’s lasted over 40 years? Oi.

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