Donald Trump Called A ‘Racist Cretin’ As Outrage Grows Over Trumpster’s Behaviours

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Donald Trump may think he’s making a name for himself in the political field but apparently people are sick and tired of The Donald and his annoying antics.

An online petition has garnered over half a million signatures as people urge Macy’s to remove Donald from their advertisements. The petition got more recognition after Cher, a vocal hater of the Trumpster, added her signature and tweeted her views.

“I’ll NEVER GO TO MACY’S AGAIN! I didn’t know they sold Trump’s Line!” Cher tweeted, to which Donald responded that the singer should focus on her failing career not his Macy’s line.

If you’re wondering why people don’t like Donald Trump, here’s your answer:

It’s his “especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior,” that seems to be getting on the nerves of everyone lately. He does seem to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong more often than not!

Have you signed the petition to remove Donald Trump’s line from Macy’s? Do you find him extremely annoying?

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