Donald Trump Has ‘Great Relationship with the Blacks’

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Donald Trump’s flirtation with running for President in 2012 is becoming a comedian’s meal ticket. And they don’t have to write the material. He’s providing it for them.

The Donald’s latest open divorce from reality came this morning. According to MSNBC, he was interviewed on the Fred Dicker radio show about his standing with African-Americans.

donald trump,donald trump great relationship with the blacks,donald trump fred dicker,trump african americans,donald trump for president,donald trump president 2012Trump boasted to Dicker, “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” Consider how he phrased that for a moment. When someone says “the blacks,” they are using an adjective as a noun. It reduces a large group of people to a single feature. It dehumanizes them.

While Donald Trump’s poll numbers are in a net positive with African-Americans, he still faces an uphill struggle in reaching them. A poll taken in February said 27% of black people saw him favorably while 22% see him negatively.

Calling black people “the blacks” isn’t going to help The Donald’s poll numbers, either. His tone-deafness clearly goes beyond his embrace of birtherism.

Trump also says he’ll announce whether he’s running for President in 2012 on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice. If you had any doubts this was all a ratings grab and attention-seeking ploy, they should vanish right about there.

As for why articles like this get written when the would-be candidate is nothing but an attention whore, it’s simple. If he’s not called out on it, the people who swallow his nonsense whole won’t be counter-balanced.

Donald Trump’s Presidential aspirations are a ratings stunt, his relationship with “the blacks” just took a hit by his own actions, and he lies about Obama’s citizenship. If he wins in 2012, America will get what it deserves.

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