Donald Trump Has Meat Loaf’s Backing for Presidential Run

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Donald Trump already has backers if he decides to run for president. Rocker Meat Loaf–presently a contestant on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice–told the Donald that he would definitely back him should he decide to run.

According to Popeater, Trump talked about the possibility of running for president on the most recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice. And while Meat Loaf certainly could have been kissing some high priced a%s, he did appear to be genuine.

“I would vote for you,” he told Donald Trump. “In fact, I’ll help you with your campaign.”

So what do you think? Will Donald Trump really run for president? And if he does, what kind of campaign boost could someone like Meat Loaf possibly provide?

Meat Loaf is no slouch. In fact he has surprised many with his strong sense of business management skills and finance-savvy persona, but is he someone the Donald would really consider using on a campaign team?

That’s not likely. If Donald Trump does in fact throw his hat into the proverbial presidential ring, he has the means to hire the best of the best, so probably Meat Loaf won’t be part of the strategic plan. However Trump is no fool, and would likely give him some sort of token role.

It won’t be likely to find Meat Loaf as Donald Trump’s running mate, either, although it is a bit of a humorous notion. Can you see the campaign signs? ‘Trump Loaf.’ Hmmmm….

In the meantime speculations swirl as to whether or not Donald Trump will run for president and whether or not Meat Loaf will win Celebrity Apprentice. Life is simply filled with mysteries, isn’t it?

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