Donald Trump Hears the Words Himself This Time: ‘You’re Fired!’

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It’s true, Donald Trump was booted from the condominium board at Trump Place in a decision that was “a long time coming,” according to Anna Fishbeyn, vice president of the Trump Place board.

The Huffington Post reports the news that the “Donald,” famous for his catch phrase, “You’re Fired!” most likely has many previous contestants on his game show grinning with vindication after he himself is fired from the board that bears his name.

The decision caught Mr. Trump by surprise, and general counsel for the Trump Organization, Sonja Talesnik, said “They gave us no indication that they were looking to change managing agents.” Trump was replaced by “AKAM Living Services,” a management firm that has presided over luxury buildings in New York.

Some residents seemed to be put off by this decision, while others were pleased. Anna Fishbeyn said that her “office has been flooded with thank yous.”

Donald Trump himself did not comment on the story, but chances are he won’t be silent on the matter for long!

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