Donald Trump is a Raging Megalomaniac

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Tonight on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Donald Trump engaged in a lengthy conversation with host, Sean Hannity. What appeared to be intended as a professional interview turned into more than an hour of Donald Trump bragging about his accomplishments. Not only was it just bragging about his own accomplishments, the reality television star and billionaire mogul seemed to repeating himself as if he were trying to convince himself of his greatness.

Such quotes from the lengthy interview with Sean Hannity include the following:

  • “I have really strong values.”
  • “I have a lot of money. Way more than Obama.”
  • “I am a great leader. Everyone always talks about how great I am and how much better I am than the president.”
  • “I’m a driller [opposed to nuclear energy] but I’m ‘green’ about it. I build a lot of golf courses.”

Oh and when The Donald wasn’t bragging about himself and doting on his money, he spent the remainder of the interview trash-talking Obama without offering any reasons as to why. He just kept repeating, “He’s a bad president. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter.”

And don’t even get started on his blatant attempts at baiting the birthers and other far-extreme groups in the US. He trash-talked Muslims, and then went on to say that the Tea Party are who brought the deficit to the attention of the US people and government. Can you believe that?

It’s hard to see Hannity look nervous during an interview, as he usually rubs elbows with the crazies perfectly, but it looked like Donald Trump was bothering even him with his obvious delusions of grandeur. Is Donald Trump a leader? It seems like he’s more of a self-centered and self-proclaimed “know-it-all,” to be honest.

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