Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld Feud Gets Funny (Video)

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Do Jerry Seinfeld and Donald Trump have a feud going on? The entire issue began when the comedian pulled out of a charity event after Trump (who may or may not be running for president) made inflammatory remarks about President Barack Obama’s citizenship. This angered The Donald.

Donald Trump, Jerry Seinfeld Fued Goes FunnyEven though he pulled out of the charity event, Seinfeld still made a donation to the charity, The Eric Trump Foundation, which benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Trump fired off a nasty letter to the comedian. In it he slammed Jerry Seinfeld’s show The Marriage Ref, which failed.

Of course, Jerry Seinfeld has a sense of humor. On the subject of Trump, the comedian told Extra, “I love Donald Trump. All comedians love Donald Trump. If God gave comedians the power to invent people, the first person we would invent is Donald Trump.”

He was totally hilarious. Obviously the comedian is not the one bit intimidated by DT. Don’t you just love Jerry? Really, how could comedians not love The Donald for all the good hair jokes he gives them among other things? Your move Donald Trump. . . your move.

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