Donald Trump Reveals Lady Gaga Owes Him Big Time

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Donald Trump made Lady Gaga. Who knew? Apparently no one until now. Except of course, Donald Trump and the meat woman herself. And until now, they’ve both done a good job of keeping it a secret. Recently, however, The Donald, unable to contain himself any longer, opened up and informed the world exactly where, when, why, and most of all, how a formerly unknown pretentious poseur–er–pop singer/provocateur became a world-famous phenomenon. He did it. He gave La Germanotta her first big break, and the rest, as the cliché goes, quickly became history.

It all started when the creepily–er–creatively coiffed billionaire chose the then not so well known Lady Gaga to perform her song Just Dance for the very first time on TV at his 2008 Miss Universe pageant. After that, it was a slam dunk. The lady became the fame monster.

“I own the Miss Universe Pageant,” Trump explains. “And…during what you call half-time, we always have an entertainer. We’ve had a lot of great people, and you don’t pay them anything because it’s one of the biggest audiences and my people told me, ‘Nobody knows who she is but there’s this woman with good talent named Lady Gaga.’ And I said, ‘Give me a break.’ And then they said, ‘She’s really good.’ So I said, ‘I don’t care, if you like her, put her on.’ So we put her on… it was live all over the United States and all over the world and the next day, nobody was talking about (the winner of) Miss Universe, everybody was talking, ‘Who was the woman, who was the entertainer? She was unbelievable.'”

Needless to say Gaga was, and presumably still is, eternally grateful.

“She’s been very gracious about it,” the Celebrity Apprentice star continues. “About a year ago, when she was so hot, and she’s hot now, she was performing at Radio City Musical Hall and there were a lot of celebrities, all sitting next to me, and her manager came up during the performance and said, ‘Gaga wants to see you, but only Donald Trump.’ And it was embarrassing because of all these people and she remembered. I don’t want to say we made Lady Gaga, but she was incredible and that was her break.”

Well, there you have it. Lady Gaga owes her stardom to Donald Trump. Who knew?

Note to Donald Trump: It’s a tad too late to pretend that you “don’t want to say” you made Lady Gaga after you’ve, in effect, already said it. Plus, did you really just use the “royal we?”

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