Donald Trump ‘Screwed’ Gadhafi, Which Means He’s Presidential Material?

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Donald Trump says he “screwed” Moammar Gadhafi in a land deal. And somehow, this means the biggest blowhard in reality TV should maybe run for President.

He discussed the Gadhafi incident on Fox News Monday this morning, notes CNN. He claims he has a better track record than any other possible Republican candidate for President when it comes to dealing with foreign dignitaries because he sells them real estate. Could this be his Alaska-Russia connection moment?

trump screwed gadhafi,donald trump,moammar gadhafi,donald trump president 2012Trump’s braggadocio revealed he is proud of having “screwed” Gadhafi. He said he rented the Libyan leader a piece of land for more than it was worth for two years of time but only for one night. “Then I didn’t let him use the land.” This is supposed to make Americans confident he can be President?

He claims the US should be sticking it to people like Gadhafi the same way he did. Frankly, if this country’s foreign policy were to be determined by a reality show host, the people could do better than Trump.

Think about it a moment. Jeff Probst would ask the United Nations to vote rogue countries off the island. Heidi Klum would get Tim Gunn to encourage developing countries to “make it work.” Both sound a lot better than renting a dictator a piece of land you don’t let him use.

If America wants a man like Donald Trump as President after he brags about “screwing” Gadhafi on a land deal, the country ought to go onto a reality show itself. It could be called “World’s Biggest Political Loser.”

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