Donald Trump to Be a Grandfather Again

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Donald Trump will be a grandfather yet again in the fall. His son, Don Jr., and his wife Vanessa are expecting their fourth child then. Their youngest child, Tristan Milos, is just 7 months old.

According to a report from, the announcement was made via Twitter on Wednesday.

Donald Trumps

“Vanessa & I have some good news. We are expecting baby [number] 4 in the fall!!! Kai, Donnie, and Tristan can’t wait!” Donald, Jr. tweeted.

His Celebrity Apprentice father–Donald, Sr., is no doubt thrilled about the coming of yet another possible heir to the Trump thrown. Wouldn’t you love to see Donald Trump in grandfather mode? Do you suppose Donald Trump gets down on his hands and knees and plays with the grandkids or do you think he’s more the type to pat them on the heads and remark about how cute they are instead?

Nonetheless there’s always joy when new life comes into a family. Congratulations are in order for all the Trumps on yet another impending birth.

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