Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Reups: NBC Pays $160M

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Donald Trump got a whopping $160 million to renew NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice for two more seasons. The on again off again presidential candidate just may be the smartest person in the room.

He owns buildings, entertainment venues, publishing rights, is an author, and even builds golf courses in his name. He’s “The Donald” for crissakes! He’s so rich and popular, he considered running for president in the 2012 elections.

DonaldTrumpFeb09However, skeptics of the decades-long business man and tactful negotiator, said he merely threw his name in the Republican hat as a salary trump card.

In the end, Donald Trump got a sizeable pay raise.

As an insider says, his $65 million over two years is a substantial increase.

“They stepped up. It was an increase over last season,” they said.

Not a bad raise over last season, huh? And for his share as co-producer of Celebrity Apprentice,” Mark Burnett receives $45 million of the bounty.

Just think about it — you can run for president, get a great score in the straw polls that shows a victory in receiving the Republican nomination, and withdraw when the pay is ramped up. What? He’s a negotiator, and no one willing to fire him.

BTW, Donald Trump’s salary increase in two more seasons of Celebrity Apprentice makes him the highest paid reality television personality. Kim Kardashian held the honors for a short time, but “The Donald” would not be outdone.

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