Donald Trump’s Obama Announcement Follow-Up: Thanks Followers for Fantastic Response

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Donald Trump’s Obama announcement was finally released Wednesday, and people are definitely buzzing about this. While it may not have been what many expected, it has garnered a lot of attention and apparently Donald himself is thrilled with the reaction. Less than an hour after he shared his news, he thanked followers for their response.

Wednesday, Trump’s Obama announcement hit the web via Donald’s Facebook page. He posted a video making the president an offer that some would say would be difficult to refuse. This isn’t exactly the kind of announcement most were expecting, as Trump had definitely led people to believe he had information on Barack Obama. Instead, Trump is trying to entice Obama to release records that many on the right have been anxious to see. Shortly after the big announcement, Trump tweeted, “The response has been fantastic— actually overwhelming! Thank you!” Within about 15 minutes, the tweet had been shared and favorited nearly 200 times.

So far there hasn’t been any reaction from President Obama or the White House, and many are curious to see if this will be acknowledged at all. According to Trump’s Obama announcement, the president has until Oct. 31 to take Donald up on the offer. Do you think anything will come of this? What did you think of Donald Trump’s video statement and press release?

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