Donations meant for tornado victims end up in a thrift store?!?!

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This makes me sick, how a big company like Red Cross could do something like this. I can tell you now I will never donate to Red Cross EVER!!


March 2nd, 2012 Southern Indiana was hit by tornadoes destroying homes, families, and communities. The communities such as Henryville, Indiana was blocked off by police to protect people from looters. You had to show an ID with your home address stating that you lived there. Or if you were visiting a family member a cop would follow you to your destination and he/she would ask the homeowners if it was ok that you were there. Everything was so strict, but after a horrible disaster like this, it was better than having more chaos.


When a woman from a quilting group that usually donated their handmade quilts to veterans at the VA Hospital was in a thrift store in Clarksville, Indiana she saw two quilts that she had made. She had personally taken them to Red Cross after March 2nd since Henryville & Marysville were both unopened to the public she thought what better place to get donations straight to the victims than the Red Cross? She was met by a woman who hugged her and thanked her greatly for her donation. The woman promised her that her quilts would go straight to tornado victims.


The woman and her niece purchased the quilts back from the New To You thrift store in Clarksville, IN for $50.00 and the women in the quilting group are currently searching for the other 15 quilts that they donated!


Read the article HERE from Wave3 News


“Both the Red Cross and New to You say the quilts were likely delivered with clothes. Kenton Wooden with New To You says had the quilts been marked with restrictions, they would have delivered them elsewhere and not put them up for sale in the store with the other items. He has been in touch with the members and is hoping to at least get Baxter’s money back for her quilts she bought. The Red Cross says they are trying to use this as a lesson for future disaster situations.”

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