Donations Sought for Children of Women Slain by Missouri Meth Addict

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Donations are being sought for the children of Ashley Key and Britny Haarup, the two women who were slain and dumped in a Missouri field over the weekend. This tragic case has resulted in a community outpouring of support for the family of this horrendous crime, which is always something worth paying positive attention to in these crime cases. This fund is advertised as being for the children, and probably other expenses associated with burial fees and whatnot. It’s most important, however, that the two babies left behind by Britny Haarup receive the majority of donated funds.

That’s because the two very young kids left behind by the slain 19-year-old girl were there to witness the brutal beating and suffocation of their mother. They were placed into a crib by meth addict Clifford D. Miller after he murdered Ashley Key and attempted a post-mortem sexual assault on their mother. These children, unlike the child belonging to Ashley Key, were there to witness the crime. Even if they are so young that they may not consciously remember the attack, the possibility of longterm psychological effects is nearly a given. These children were right at ground zero, and were even exposed to meth smoke as Clifford D. Miller smoked more of the drug after committing the crime.

The donations are being solicited here and are being handled by the Platte Valley Bank. Whether you’re in Missouri or not, it might be nice to show some goodwill toward the family of these murdered women. Drugs ruined these girls’ lives by proxy, by ruining the life of Clifford Miller. Drugs ruined the lives of the children left behind without mothers. Drugs ruined the lives of everyone involved in this case—all because of one man and his desire to get high and possibly commit a rape.

As for Miller, not much has been released about the guy since his arrest, but it’s rumored that his family are being targeted by threats and vitriol. This is unnecessary. His mother and other kin are not responsible for what he did. This was a grown man who succumbed to the effects of crystal meth, a drug known for having severe repercussions with longterm use. He is an adult, and once he cleans up he’ll be fully aware of his actions. His family are victims in this as well because they’ve not only lost a son, a cousin, and a friend, but they are now dealing with the same loss in the community as the kin of Ashley Key and Britny Haarup.

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