Donnie Wahlberg Drives ‘Blue Bloods’ Show and Shows Twitter Love Big Time

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Actor, singer, and producer, Donnie Wahlberg definitely has dibs on being one of the busiest guys in all of show business, but he thrives on never being idle. Even as he waited to be interviewed on CBS This Morning, he was making plans to go on a shark adventure backstage. He also wrapped up a summer tour with New Kids on the Block, before going full throttle with Season 3 of Blue Bloods. It’s no wonder that executive producer, Leonard Goldberg, calls Wahlberg “the engine that drives the show,” but the man himself would call it something he grew up doing, and he never misses moments to thank his fans for their follows!

Wahlberg had nothing but praise for his producer, his on-screen dad, Tom Selleck, and his show that straddles family love and laying down the law, but he claims he comes by his talent and work ethic quite naturally. He credits growing up in Boston during the era of school busing a blessing in disguise, because he had friends of every ethnicity and creed, and they all just wanted to “get the best in life.” He and his siblings remember many hard times in their youth, recalling Dad chasing away the electric company’s worker assigned to turn off their power. Donnie decided early that the best way to get attention was by “doing something good” to stand out, and for him, that was acting and singing. For over 30 years now, he has turned those passions into pleasing frenzied crowds on stage with NKOTB, but is equally taken with playing hard-nosed detective, Danny Reagan, in prime time. He has no need for ego, despite his rave reviews, naming Tom Selleck the “true leader of the show” who makes it easy for every actor around him. In between juggling all his time commitments, Donnie Wahlberg makes time for live Twitter messages for fans. He calls Twitter a big positive in helping him keep focus on “the good stuff” on the beat in his life, rather than bad press or rumor, and releasing the bad. Save the bad for the bad guys you get every Friday night, Donnie.

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