Don’t Give Up on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Says Berman

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Last week, Drop Dead Diva fans were very unhappy to learn that Lifetime had chosen not to renew the show. Fans are never thrilled when their shows are canceled, but it is especially irksome when a show ends on a cliffhanger as Diva did. Fans might have despaired, but the show’s creator Josh Berman tells fans not to give up hope. He is in talks with Sony Studios, and while Lifetime may have given up on the show, other networks might very well pick it up (TV Equals). To that end, Berman urges fans to keep up the pressure on social media outlets, and sign petitions. You can find a couple here and here.

The show began with an out-there premise. An aspiring model, Deb (Brooke D’Orsay – currently Paige on Royal Pains) was killed on the way to a big audition when she drove into the back of a truck while applying nail polish. Deb wasn’t the most practical girl. When Deb got to heaven, she was met by Angel Fred (Ben Feldman). Deb demanded to be returned to Earth, and figured out that she could do it by pressing, what else? Return. At the same time, Jane (Brooke Elliott), an accomplished attorney, threw herself in front of her boss, Parker (Josh Stamberg) as someone shot at him and died. And so, a model in a not quite so model-sized body.

Deb was not thrilled to be in Jane’s body, and the series explored how Deb as Jane was able to approach law in her own way, and how she dealt with not being herself with anyone other than her best friend Stacy (April Bowlby) and her guardian angel, Fred. She ached to tell Grayson (Jackson Hurst) the truth, but the one time she tried, he was hit by a car. So she let him go, and opened herself to a life with a new love, Owen (Lex Medlin). The thing is that the show ended the last season on a doozy of a cliffhanger because not only did Kim (Kate Levering) reveal that she was pregnant with Parker’s baby, it was revealed that all the while Deb has been living and learning as Jane. Jane Jane has been up in heaven stewing over Deb Jane ruining her life. So she figured out how to come back too and wound up in Owen’s body when Owen had a heart attack after catching Grayson kissing Jane on their wedding day because Grayson has finally realized that he loves Jane. Yeah. A lot happened in that one hour.

Photo: If you thought Grayson spoke up just in time on the

So, fans, if you want to know if that really was Jane Jane in Owen’s body, and if Deb Jane and Grayson have a chance, take Berman up on his call to arms. Who knows? Maybe he really can bring the show back this summer. It worked for Cougar Town.

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