Don’t Make Me Over: The A-Team and Other Film Remakes Finished or In the Works

So, what is it with all these film remakes lately? The impending, looming question of whether or not Hollywood has any original ideas left seems not that far off from the reality of the situation. It’s pretty g-damn depressing, actually.

Today, well, today there’s lots of talk about the remake of The A-Team, which of course updates the story and sets the action to 11. Big Hollywood tells me that Liam Neeson plays Hanibal, Bradley Cooper is Face, Rampage Jackson (what a name!) is Mr. T, and “the dude who morphed into a shrimp in District 9 is Murdock. Speaking of District 9, I couldn’t even make it past the first 30 minutes. Oof. Anyway, instead of a ragtag group of Vietnam commandoes falsely accused of a crime, the film remake is now about a bunch of Iraq war vets falsely accused of a crime. After watching the trailer for this movie, I’m not sure all the yuks that were in the original will be there or not, whether the comedy will play second fiddle to the over-the-top action, but one can always hope. We probably shouldn’t think about it too much, it is the frickin’ A-Team were talkin’ about here. It will be in theaters on June 11th and the trailer is embedded here for you to watch.




Things go BOOM.

That being said, what the heck is up with all the remakes? Did you know they are remaking The Warriors, and it will be set in LA instead of NYC? Doesn’t that sound somehow criminal? And also finished or in the works is Back to School, Meatballs, The Dirty Dozen, Romancing the Stone, The Karate Kid, Footloose, Fame, Red Dawn, Poltergeist, Logan’s Run, Child’s Play, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Forbidden Planet, Rosemary’s Baby, and Highlander, not to mention a slew to the tune of about 65 others, which you can read about over at Lazy Supper (the article is from 2009, but we’ll be seeing these movies very soon).

Seriously? Footloose? Rosemary’s Baby?? Somebody is seriously going to try to top Dudley Moore’s performance in Arthur?! And Evil Dead?!!!?! You can’t remake that! That’s insane! Are these people kidding me? It’s all just so… preposterous!

And that’s only movie remakes. The A-Team is just one in about 22 other TV show into film remakes. Yeeeeeesh.

What do you think of all these remakes? Most of them anger me to no end, although a remake of The Smurfs might be totally awesome. Who knows.

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