‘Don’t Say Gay’ PSA Viral Video Made by Eighth Grader

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An eighth grader created a PSA called Don’t Say Gay. The video by playahata646 went viral on YouTube.

The eight grader created the 30-second Public Service 'Don't Say Gay' PSA Viral Video Made by Eighth GraderAnnouncement for part of his school work. He enlisted the help of his younger brother to help get his message across. The little brother was obviously the star of the production.

The teen wrote on his YouTube page, “In 8th grade we had a PSA project. (Public Service Announcement) Don’t Say Gay. I chose a funny way to present it. Subscribe! And thanks to my little brother for being the star!”

The video shows a boy crashing on his skateboard and calling the rail he fell from “gay.” The little brother comes in, and gives the bigger boy a major slap in the face (with amazing sound effects). He said, “Don’t say ‘gay. It’s mean, and it’s offensive!”

Of course, using violence may not be the most effective method of getting somebody to stop using the word “gay.” However, because of the sound effects, it seems that this violence may be used more in the Three Stooges tradition. Check out the Don’t Say Gay viral video below. What do you think?

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