‘Don’t Trust the B’ Recap: Chloe’s Halloween Game on ‘Love and Monsters’

In Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 “Love and Monsters,” June (Dreama Walker) thinks Halloween is all about embracing fears — but she’s not referring to finding heads everywhere in their apartment. For one, James Van Der Beek is scared of the Halloween holiday, which is exactly why he throws a costume positivity party instead, where only happy costumes are allowed. It’s this setting where Chloe (Krysten Ritter) plots her annual “trick.”

Krysten RitterBut before that “trick” is revealed, June heads to the movies with co-worker Mark (Eric Andre) and is shocked to see Chloe there, at a chick flick no less, with a date. Turns out Chloe is happy and in love with Benjamin — or is she?

June is uber-excited that Chloe is finally in love, until she learns that this is part of Chloe’s annual destroy-someone’s-life trick. Every year she meets someone at James’s Halloween party and finds a way to destroy their life, whether she pretends to be their nutritionist or hypnotist. This time around, she’s figured out Ben’s deepest fear so she can destroy him: he’s worried about falling in love with a woman who reminds him of his mother, because his mom left his family.

But June is convinced on Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 “Love and Monsters” that Chloe is actually really and truly in love. To prove it, she puts together a video montage of them. Except she has no video of Benjamin so she splices in Dave from ABC’s other comedy Happy Endings.

Through all this, Mark shows up at James’s party as a devil, which just upsets the actor, who is dressed as an angel. Talk of fears ensue. James won’t admit any deep-rooted reason for his fear — claiming he’s only scared because of watching Halloween as a kid — but Mark admits that he doesn’t love his girlfriend… which makes June stripping in front of him at the coffee shop all the more awkward.

But back to Chloe. She’s determined to destroy Benjamin despite June’s best efforts. Yet, things take a drastic turn when her and Benjamin go to his childhood home. When he claims that he idolized his mom, Chloe suddenly decides she can no longer be the “b.” And that’s when Benjamin has something to admit: he knew about Chloe’s annual trick and so he played her. He made Chloe face her worst fear: living in a chick flick.

Yet, it’s only the end of act two, because he’s heading to the airport the next day. Will she run to meet him there? June thinks she should, but then June realizes that she’s become the quirky single best friend, and she’s not living her own life. But she can’t focus on herself, or finding her firefighter, or even Chloe for that matter, because the walk of shame Halloween crowd has descended on the coffee shop.

Thankfully, Chloe doesn’t need her help though, because she met a “bee” — or a girl dressed as one — who told her that chick flicks are popular because, “everyone wants a happy ending.” That, and “the only way out of a chick flick is through it.”

Chloe rushes off to the airport in a perfect spoof of a chick flick. They talk on courtesy phones across the hall. Chloe claims no one has beaten her at her own game before. Benjamin can’t tell what is happening. Is Chloe messing with him still, or does she honestly like him? Plus, does Benjamin like her?

He honestly thought she’d call airport security on him, so he’s called them on her, planting a switchblade on her. And this whole craziness is put to an end — or is it? — when Chloe says, “This isn’t the end of our story.” They decide they’ll see each other in sequel.

What did you think of the Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 Halloween episode? Will June ever get a clue? And will Benjamin ever return?

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